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Welcome to Rogue Squadron

We formed out of the merging of three guilds. Friends that raided often together, that decided the formation of one guild would be ideal, as it would offer one chat, standards for raiding, scheduled events, and a means for us to progress together.

If you are interested in joining Rogue Squadron, please apply through this link: 

Rogue Squadron Application Form

Those meeting the criteria to join us, will be notified in game and properly acclimated into the guild.

Why is Rogue Squadron unique? First, we offer a balance in raiding criteria, asking that members select one talent spec, and perform with that alone during raids. We are apt to switch two members if petitioned to a raid officer and allow them to switch roles.

Second, we're unique in how we operate. We've a set standard of operations, ironing out any disagreements two individuals may have within the guild by mediation and recourse. We're not big on "punishment" as some guilds may be. We have a council instead of one guild leader that sees to the needs of each guild member, allowing growth and information to be spread to all members.

Lastly, we're not secretive with a wealth of knowledge each member may have. Our guild members ensure that every one else is up to par with new information, item discovery, and game play styles. We're constantly informing each other of new data that may be used to improve our tactics and individual game play experiences.

We are not an exclusive guild, but we do ask that new members apply first, as we want to get to know you first and it gives us a basis for assigning a new member to an Executive Officer that the person may feel most comfortable with in reporting issues in guild, or requesting assignment for raiding and so on.

Thank you again for visiting Rogue Squadron.

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Saturday Updates - Late!

triphuxley, Feb 7, 12 6:34 AM.
Raid Scheduling

We're hashing out a schedule that will work for everyone, for sign-ups to raids. Granted, some people won't be able to make these. This is fine, we're instituting a priority lift for those previously in attendance on some raids to forego their raid slot to allow others to make it into the next one, if they missed a previous raid.

These sign-ups will require someone to register on the site, 3 days ahead of time and will give them "first string" into the raid. If they cannot make it that night, for whatever reason, there will be a "second string" slot available to those that signed up after the roster becomes available.

We are instituting a "raid only" spec option to those wishing to raid. This means that if you're in attendance for raids, you will not switch spec before the raid to "fill" a role, i.e. healers becoming dps, dps switching to tanks, etc.

The reason for this is that we're looking to gear out individuals for their chosen spec. This doesn't mean that you have to stay this way for questing, WZs, etc. We would never ask that of people. What it does mean is that once you've chosen your role, we want you to stick with it for raids. This ensures stability and organization for first string and second string sign-ups.

Of course, there will be occasional exception to this rule, should we be short on a healer, or something of the like. We plan to minimize this though, and attempt to ensure this type of situation does not happen.

Also, we plan to run two groups on each raid (EV/KP) weekly. So if you did not get into the first string on one raid, you're ensured to get into the next one. 

If we reach the point where we have an uneven number of guild members to raid slots, we will discuss with each member, a reward for giving up a raid slot that week to ensure that a person that missed the previous week's raid, will be able to get into the current week, and compensate a charitable member giving up their slot. This may be done with credits, companion gear, etc. It is currently TBD.


Taking the game a bit too seriously? 
Matchless: Avengers of all things video game "honorable".

While some members of RS may find this trading system to be an exploit, which it is make no mistake, it's noted that the world PvP system there is broken with the requirement of kills on an imbalanced server as opposed to third point objectives to fight over. As this was an issue for a certain amount of Sith as well, who have lives and don't fail at them; wanting to get back to those lives instead of sitting on a game for 18 hours a day, they offered up trades. Some of RS joined them. 

We've had several interruptions from both Emp players and Rep players...however, we haven't seen a video of it until now. This video offers up commentary and insight as to the mindset of someone disrupting these trades, and how serious of an offense they felt it was. Is this taking gaming too far? Judge for yourselves.

Anyhow, enjoy. A few of us found this to be absolutely hilarious...especially the commentary. 

The one thing we give them accolades for is 7 players on vent, well organized, bringing down 12 (half of...did he say 30?) players, not on vent as far as we know and in different guilds, at the beginning of the video. Well done...

Galactic Republic
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